Online Virtual Fitness Programs

During this time of ‘social distancing’ we offer a virtual option for both group cross-training (GCT) and individual personal training (PT).

While gyms remained closed you can still maintain your fitness via our live virtual programs. Whether it’s a group setting or a more personalized program you can expect to get a great workout from the safety and privacy of your own home.

You don’t need any exotic home gym equipment for any of these programs. We will suggest a couple of small items you may need, but otherwise, we can devise a very challenging workout with some of the items you already have at home!

We offer all of our virtual programs via Zoom. Simply download the app on your phone or laptop and you’ll be ready to go. Once you’ve signed up you’ll receive the code to join in the session.

So, no matter where you are in the U.S. we can work with you to maintain your fitness program.

The link below will take you to the page to register. On that page will be other links for more information. Click the tabs to see class times (we’re looking to add more classes), personal training availability and prices (via the ONLINE STORE).

Once you’ve registered and signed up for one of our programs we will contact you to discuss the details of the programs. However, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question prior to registration. Click here:

Don’t let this quarantine keep you from staying fit!

Click the link and let us bring the gym to you!

Prices and Availability


Whether you just want to drop a few pounds, get back into shape or you’re serious about achieving a high level of fitness, this is the place for you!   We provide a friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere to make you feel at home and comfortable with your workout experience.

No need to worry about the hassle of big crowds here.  Our casual environment allows you to focus on your workout program without the distractions found at the big membership gyms.

We also offer a complete nutrition program to incorporate into your exercise program in order to help maximize your overall fitness and wellness.  We’ll sit down in a private setting to discuss your nutrition “plan of action.”


To provide customers and clients with a very safe, effective and rewarding health and fitness experience utilizing the most up-to-date techniques, methods and information available.




As I started my journey toward better health, I discovered many more benefits of training at Active Bodies.  The owner Erik and his staff make working out enjoyable, while always providing constant supervision, support and challenges.
Doug D

For the first time in five years I can tuck in my shirt, and I’ve learned I don’t have to be a slave to my emotional eating.  I can live without Ding Dongs and I feel much better when I do. 

Thanks Erik!

Sherry L

Erik’s gym has a laidback atmosphere and allows me to workout without feeling self-conscious.  One thing is for certain, Erik will hold you to your goals and keep you on the right track.

Thanks Erik!

Scott H

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