I have always wanted to get in better shape and become stronger, but good intentions and access to equipment weren’t enough. Knowing how and how much to workout helps to avoid injury and produce desired results. For me, that is the best thing about working with Erik. After one year of training I am stronger, more flexible,  have less body fat and have fewer aches and pains than any time in the last twenty years. Because of Erik’s good training and good humor, this is the longest I have ever stayed with a training program, and I am enthusiastic about continuing my program into the future. Thank you my friend.
                                                -Bruce W. Bay



I was looking to lose some extra weight that finally caught up to me after years of eating bad and no real exercise program.  I wasn’t real eager to get started but I knew that if I let it go I was going to be in worse shape.  A friend was already working with Erik and told me about his programs.  I’ve never worked out on my own so I thought this might be a good way to get started.  Erik told me what plan we were going to follow, but it didn’t matter to me, because I just needed to know when to show up.  He took care of designing the program, made sure I did the exercises the right way and told me what to eat.  It’s been almost 8 months since I started at Lifelong Fitness and don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.  I don’t really look at the scale I just know my pants are a lot looser. Thanks for all your help, Erik!
                                                 -Chris Jones



with Erik these past few years has made a tremendous difference of minimizing the frequency of my migraine headaches.  Also, he has helped me have the consistency I need, variety of routines to avoid burn-out, and meal plans designed to keep my weight from yo-yoing up and down.  My grandchildren love having a “fit” grandma!!

                                                -Margie Cardon



I have been training with Erik for 3 years.  He has shared his knowledge of nutrition and the human body with me that has been extremely important to my understanding weight training, cardio and nutrition.
He has kept the training workouts interesting and fun.  When I first started training, I had very little upper body strength.  Erik has been great at attacking this weakness and making me stronger.  Erik’s gym has a laidback atmosphere and allows me to workout without feeling self-conscious.  One thing is for certain, Erik will hold you to your goals and keep you on the right track.  Thanks Erik!
                                               -Leanne Spears



I started my personal training at Lifelong Fitness with Erik about 2 years ago.  I weighted 235lbs and my diabetes was out of control.  Within 6 months I was below 200lbs and my glucose and A1c numbers were perfect.  I’m about to turn 46 and I feel more like 26.  Thanks to Erik I was able to reach my goals and change my life!
                                              -Scott Hamilton



I was referred to Erik by my chiropractor.  I suffered from chronic severe pain on the left side of my neck and in my shoulders.  Erik took great care in helping me to safely stretch and strengthen my neck, shoulders and upper back.  Eventually all pain was alleviated.
I had just had my fifth baby when we really started to focus on posture, and overall strength training.  I enjoyed the days I could step away from motherhood for an hour and be pushed to excel beyond what I thought was possible.  On the days I didn’t train with Erik, I had a clear plan for my work outs alone with the motivation to report back my progress.  When I started working out I was wavering between 183 and 186 pounds.  I’m nearly 5’11”, so I often was able to hide some of that weight.  But it was taking a toll on my posture, energy and health.  
Today I weigh 171 pounds.  My goal is to lose six more. When my husband and I planned a much needed vacation to Hawaii, Erik focused six weeks on my abs, so I felt confident in my swimsuit!   Now I have the energy and strength to chase after my four boys and little girl.  For the first time in five years I can tuck in my shirt, and I’ve learned I don’t have to be a slave to my emotional eating.  I can live without Ding Dongs and I feel much better when I do. 
Thanks Erik!
                                              -Sherry Louk