About Us

Welcome to Active Bodies!  We are Personal Fitness and Nutrition Specialists.  We are facilitators to the fitness experience for those who seek improved health and fitness.  When the customer presents to us their particular fitness goals our job is to provide a means by which to help the customer achieve those goals.   Thus, we instruct, coach, guide, assist and/or train clients how to perform exercises correctly and effectively in order to achieve their desired health and fitness goals. 

Customers seek our services to improve balance, stamina, conditioning, strength, flexibility and more.  Though, most of our customers are more concerned with losing weight in order to improve their well-being, appearance and self-esteem, we approach each customer on an individual basis.  We work with many people with various and diverse backgrounds.  

For those unfamiliar with the processes of exercise and fitness, we take a more instructive and guidance-based approach to working with the client.  On the other hand, when a customer arrives looking for that extra motivation to improve their fitness we adjust our approach to something a little more assertive.

We provide a fully equipped facility and a welcoming atmosphere to all clients to promote a sense of well-being of the mind, body and spirit. Though our primary service is one-on-one personal training, all clients and their families and friends can join to participate in any of our other services from group fitness classes to massage to tanning. We encourage you to pay a visit to our facility so that you can see for yourself whether or not Active Bodies is the place for you.