If you don’t like the muscle tone of your arms – or legs - then it’s probably because your muscles haven’t developed enough.  Obviously, the most important factor to having a tone and slender body is genetics. But, in many cases poor genetics can be overridden by a little hard work (i.e. lifting weights!).

Lifting weights forces the muscles to respond by becoming denser and stronger.  Over a period of time (which varies in individuals) the muscles, as a result of consistent weight training, will alter their appearance.  However, it will not happen over night. Nor is it likely to happen over the next year.

Contrary to popular belief women will not get ‘bulky’ from lifting weights.  In fact, since women only produce about 1/10th of the testosterone as men (a key component for bigger muscles), there is minimal risk of building massive muscles in the short term.

As a woman, the potential for packing on big muscle – even over a long period of time – is considerably unrealistic. Yet, it is quite reasonable to tighten those biceps, deltoids (the muscles used to raise your arms), thighs and buttocks without making them look obnoxious.

When you approach your workout, be sure to challenge yourself.  That means lifting weights that are a little heavier than you’re used to. For instance, choose a weight that you can lift safely for 10-15 repetitions (reps).  If the weight is light enough to do 25 or more reps then you will not get the desired effect.

Challenge yourself! Instead of the 5lb dumbbells go for the 8-pounders - but, only if you can do it safely.  As time goes on, and you can then lift 8lbs for 15 reps, move on to 10lbs for as many as you can get (don’t expect to get the same amount of reps when you increase weight) up to 15 reps.

The key factor to your success will be consistency, without which it is unlikely you’ll be successful. The simple principle of ‘Progress Through Progression’ will help you shape and mold your body.  Just put forth your best effort and you will see results!

Have a wonderful day and be an Active Body, today!