Summer weather is here in AZ which means it is going to be HOT HOT HOT!!!
So, if you plan to venture out on hiking trails and/or participating in outdoor activities (softball, soccer, boot camp) here in this heat you're going to need to prepare before you go.
Hydration is pinnacle!
To ensure safety it is imperative that you begin hydrating prior to your activity. Then, be sure to have plenty of fluids during the activity/event. Finally, rehydrate and recover once you've finished to avoid heat exhaustion or, even worse, heat stroke.
Here are some tips for hydrating your body before, during and after your next outdoor activity:
- 1 Hour prior to the event drink approximately 20oz of water
- 15 minutes prior to event drink 8oz Gatorade (or similar sports drink)
- Drink 1 cup (8oz) water every 10-15 minutes during
- If the activity is expected to go beyond 90 minutes, take a sports drink and drink 1 cup (8oz) every 10-15 minutes
- Drink at least 3 cups (24oz) for every pound lost in sweat; estimate 2.5 lbs lost (could be more) - of fluid after the event. Combo up water with Gatorade to replenish lost electrolytes.
Be smart and stay safe out in the summer heat!
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