Sherry L.

I was referred to Active Bodies by my chiropractor. I suffered from chronic severe pain on the left side of my neck and in my shoulders. Erik took great care in helping me to safely stretch and strengthen my neck, shoulders and upper back. Eventually all pain was alleviated.

had just had my fifth baby when we really started to focus on posture, and overall strength training. I enjoyed the days I could step away from motherhood for an hour and be pushed to excel beyond what I thought was possible. On the days I didn’t train with Erik, I had a clear plan for my work outs alone with the motivation to report back my progress. When I started working out I was wavering between 183 and 186 pounds. I’m nearly 5’11”, so I often was able to hide some of that weight. But it was taking a toll on my posture, energy and health. Today I weigh 171 pounds. My goal is to lose six more.

When my husband and I planned a much needed vacation to Hawaii, Erik focused six weeks on my abs, so I felt confident in my swimsuit! Now I have the energy and strength to chase after my four boys and little girl. For the first time in five years I can tuck in my shirt, and I’ve learned I don’t have to be a slave to my emotional eating. I can live without Ding Dongs and I feel much better when I do. Thanks Erik!

-Sherry L